There are multiple disciplines through which teachers can approach the film Witness to Hiroshima with their students.  In an ideal world there would be time for teachers to discuss the film from numerous perspectives, but given curriculum time constraints we know this may not be possible.  Therefore, although we have provided curriculum suggestions under the headings of art and literature, history, and science, we have intentionally overlapped disciplines in many of the lesson plans.

We offer many options within each of the lesson plans so that teachers will be able to choose curriculum materials at each step of the way appropriate for the class they are teaching and the age and knowledge levels of their students.  They are generally divided into class discussions, in-class options, and possible homework assignments.

Two notes about screening the film:

  • Many viewers of all ages cry when watching Witness to Hiroshima, and we suggest you have a box of Kleenex available.

  • Just as witnesses and victims of unspeakable horror are often not able to talk about their experiences right after the event, viewers of this film are usually very quiet when it is finished. We encourage you to allow some silent time before you begin a discussion.
Grade Levels:
  9-12 and college/university
Subject Areas:
  Social Studies, U.S. History, World History, Art, Biology, Literature, Personal Stories, Japanese History, Asian Studies, Ecology, Peace and Conflict Studies, Resource Management